Andrew van Slageren andrewvsm at yahoo.com.au
Fri Sep 10 18:43:45 EST 2010

  I'll definitely organise a time to drop by at some stage and get some 
more gear up to link up to Lara/Deakin, scaffolding is always a welcome 
help :)

Just out of interest, what mode are you running the nanobridges to KBQ 
in? We didn't have any trouble running ours in plain AP/Client mode, but 
from what I've read, most people on the Ubiquiti forums run in WDS mode 
when bridging.

I guess that means that the ESX box (which still has plenty of room if 
people want a VM on it) will have better connectivity into the MW 
network as well.

Also I'm not around this weekend, so won't be able to make the meeting 
tonight either unfortunately :<


On 10/09/2010 4:30 PM, mw at freenet.net.au wrote:
> Hi All,
> <dang>  completely forgot about a meeting coming up this week, so I'll be
> missing out this month.
> But wanted to announce a few comments that may be of interest to other
> Geelong members...
> I replaced a point to point link between KBN and KBQ with a ubiquiti
> nanobridge M5 pair.  Results are great, but I did discover one small
> downside of nanobridge systems: they are crap bridges! ;-)
> Funny about that, youd think that something with 'bridge' in the name would
> be good for that kind of purpose, but it turns out that although it is
> excellent to connect to routers together, when they are used to bridge two
> LANs, the results are disasterous.  I suppose their forwarding tables get
> mixed up and suddenly everything goes to pot.
> Nonetheless, by connecting them to a mikrotik router at each end then using
> routerOS ethernet-over-ip tunnels, a very effective transparent bridge can
> be implemented over the very good air performance of the nanobridge systems.
> The results I get over the 7.5 Km link using routerOS Bandwidth test between
> the routers at each end is 84 megabits of udp and around 60 megabits of TCP
> traffic - not bad at all! :-)
> Having said all that, I also wanted to mention that I set up some scaffold
> at this end (KBN) and will leave it there for a couple of weekends while I
> fix up some other jobs I've been meaning to do for ages, including upgrade
> of the 2.4GHz AP and link to JEE, so those guys who have been wanting to try
> some links into Geelong and to Lara - about now is a good time to be
> thinking more about that! ;-)
> Cheers,  Mike.
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