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Fri Sep 10 16:30:23 EST 2010

Hi All,

<dang> completely forgot about a meeting coming up this week, so I'll be
missing out this month.

But wanted to announce a few comments that may be of interest to other
Geelong members...

I replaced a point to point link between KBN and KBQ with a ubiquiti
nanobridge M5 pair.  Results are great, but I did discover one small
downside of nanobridge systems: they are crap bridges! ;-)

Funny about that, youd think that something with 'bridge' in the name would
be good for that kind of purpose, but it turns out that although it is
excellent to connect to routers together, when they are used to bridge two
LANs, the results are disasterous.  I suppose their forwarding tables get
mixed up and suddenly everything goes to pot.

Nonetheless, by connecting them to a mikrotik router at each end then using
routerOS ethernet-over-ip tunnels, a very effective transparent bridge can
be implemented over the very good air performance of the nanobridge systems.

The results I get over the 7.5 Km link using routerOS Bandwidth test between
the routers at each end is 84 megabits of udp and around 60 megabits of TCP
traffic - not bad at all! :-)

Having said all that, I also wanted to mention that I set up some scaffold
at this end (KBN) and will leave it there for a couple of weekends while I
fix up some other jobs I've been meaning to do for ages, including upgrade
of the 2.4GHz AP and link to JEE, so those guys who have been wanting to try
some links into Geelong and to Lara - about now is a good time to be
thinking more about that! ;-)

Cheers,  Mike.

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