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Hi Kim,

For your application you should investigate the use of the Nameservice
plugin and the Dynamic Gateway plugin for OLSRd.  The Nameservice plugin
propagates the IP addresses of DNS Servers throughout the OLSR network.  It
also propagates the hostnames of all nodes running the Nameservice plugin -
a true peer-to-peer DNS system.  The plugin produces a dynamically-updated
hosts file.  This file can then be read by a program such as DNSMasq which
can serve hosts files via the DNS protocol.

The Dynamic Gateway plugin has been designed to detect the presence of an
Internet connection on the node on which it is running - if a live Internet
connection is confirmed, it dynamically advertises itself (via HNA) as a route across the OLSR network.  If the Internet connection drops
out, the gateway route is removed.  I haven't played with it but it may be
possible to configure it to dynamically advertise routes other than



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> Hi guys,
> I've been hacking away with OpenWRT on a couple or R100s and a WRT54G.
> So far so good. The default firewall.user took a while to 
> find and *fix*.
> Is anyone using OpenWRT and OLSRd in anger, deployed for 
> multiple sites?
> One thing that I would like to do is to have a couple of DNS 
> servers and setup it up the same way that I currently use 
> OSPF, using unicast IP. ie two or more servers run DNS/UDP, 
> and all have the *same* IP.
> OSPF just exports the route, and other routers export the 
> shortest path to that IP...
> I've got this sort of working OLSR, with HNA routes to the 
> IPs but its not dynamic =/ Any ideas?
> cheers,
> Kim
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