Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at adelaide.edu.au
Mon Oct 16 10:31:22 EST 2006

Hi guys,

I've been hacking away with OpenWRT on a couple or R100s and a WRT54G.
So far so good. The default firewall.user took a while to find and *fix*.

Is anyone using OpenWRT and OLSRd in anger, deployed for multiple sites?

One thing that I would like to do is to have a couple of DNS servers 
and setup it up the same way that I currently use OSPF, using unicast
IP. ie two or more servers run DNS/UDP, and all have the *same* IP.
OSPF just exports the route, and other routers export the shortest path 
to that IP...

I've got this sort of working OLSR, with HNA routes to the IPs but
its not dynamic =/ Any ideas?



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