[MLB-WIRELESS] Node Database and Wiki housekeeping...

sneeze at alphalink.com.au sneeze at alphalink.com.au
Tue Oct 27 19:18:28 AEDT 2015

I know I've been banging on about this... but the Node Database really needs
some attention.

847 nodes haven't been updated in 4 or more years and 348 of those are only
"interested".  132 are still "gathering" and 84 are "building".

I think it's fair to say that after 4 years of no activity, they're probably
no longer interested, gathering or building.

Can we perhaps create a new node status for "inactive" and configure the node
database to hide these nodes from the list by default.

Node owners can always log in and update their node status again if they
become interested again.

We still also have the issue of quite a few nodes which have been obviously
created in error whether they be duplicates or no node information has ever
been entered.

Also, whoever can assist me with access, I'm keen to clean up the wiki a bit,
as it's all pretty dated content nowadays.


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