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Todd Hubers todd.hubers at alivate.com.au
Sat Mar 28 12:27:27 AEDT 2015

FSO was briefly discussed in the Geelong meet on Thursday - here's some
more information:

   - 1Gbps up to 2km -
   - Up to 10Gbps is possible, distances unknown -
   - A paper about it - http://cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs-wm/9002.pdf
   - Pushing the boundaries toward 10Gbps over 10km -

With the limitations of RF power in Australia/Victoria, longer links on ISM
bands are limited. We already have people climbing roofs and mounting
masts, as FSO improves it may be interesting and valuable to try such tech
for P2P links. It would be quite possible to increase the speed on some
point to point links already deployed.

*Application to ForestNet*

A 1Gpbs 30km link from Mt Moriac to Otways doesn't sound feasible with RF
capabilities and regulations. Shorter links may be feasible, and use of FSO
may be considered.

I only performed a quick search of current FSO capabilities. There may be
better stuff out there.
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