Andrew van Slageren andrewvsm at yahoo.com.au
Wed Nov 14 17:36:07 EST 2012

Hi Andre,

They'll most likely be running the lightweight firmware, which is used 
when the AP's are managed centrally by a Cisco WLC. No-go as far as 
DDWRT/OpenWRT is concerned, but I'll email you the autonomous (non-WLC) 
firmware image tomorrow if you'd like.

Great little AP's - bit of a pain to configure, but rock solid once 
they're going.


On 14/11/2012 5:05 PM, Andre Walker wrote:
> Hi , Ive been given a hand full of Cisco AP1200. They seem to have a 
> weird firmware installed as they were part of a school 
> system. I've tried to do a hard reset but with no luck. Still cant 
> get passed the user/password. Has anyone got original firmware for 
> these or has anyone put something like DDWRT onto them? I have 5 and i 
> only think i need 3 so also if anyone would like a couple just give a 
> shout! I also have the Cisco POE adapters as well...but i'm not sure 
> if they are working.
> Any ideas welcome!
> Andre
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