[MLB-WIRELESS] routing?

Dean Collins Dean at cognation.net
Tue May 15 22:38:43 EST 2012

Thanks Greg, didn't realize it was as high as 550. at the moment I'm
seeing 300-400ms with an additional number of "missing unresolved pings"
just before and after.


Will keep an eye out.








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Ok I'll bite.

No.. I see no international issues on routes via internode.

P.S if something went over satellite(Geostationary) you will see an
extra :  (time to given router in mS) + 550mS on a satellite hop. 

550mS-570mS is typical ping time from Router <---->RF modem <---> Geo
Satellite<--> RF Modem<--->router


On 15/05/2012 1:43 PM, Dean Collins wrote: 

Anyone else seeing weird trace route traffic for anything going to or
from Australia eg not being routed the normal way but possibly
everything being route via satellite for the last few days?




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