[MLB-WIRELESS] Strange routing issues on (GHO-North-5.8/HVC??)

Robert Haines rhaines at internode.on.net
Tue Mar 6 08:52:19 EST 2012

Hi David,

Great!! I'm not going mad!

Looks like I need to talk to Peter (JIA) ... think we need to tempoarily 
shut down this interface on HVC until they plug the cord back in on JIA!



On 6/03/2012 12:34 AM, David Nuttall wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Things are going OK till you get to JLP at Heidelberg.  ( 
> is the incoming interface from Box Hill)
> After that is where it goes bad.
> If it goes direct to GHO ( all is good.
> If it goes via HVC ( it gets lost.
> 1)  Looking at OSPF at JLP right now, it wants to send traffic to 
> via HVC with a cost of 20!  There is a cost of 10 from 
> JLP to HVC.  That suggests is directly connected to 
> HVC with a cost of 10 on it's interface.
> 2)  I pinged all of the addresses in from JLP and a 
> response came back from on the HVC interface.  Time was 1 mS.
> 3)  So it looks like you are right, is on both HVC and 
> GHO.
> 4)  A couple of guesses....  Maybe an attempt to directly link HVC 
> with GHO after JIA died?  Maybe JIA was bridging HVC and GHO?  Someone 
> will know!
> Dave.

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