[MLB-WIRELESS] Strange routing issues on (GHO-North-5.8/HVC??)

Robert Haines rhaines at internode.on.net
Thu Mar 1 22:15:22 EST 2012

Hi Folks,

Damien and I have been playing around with a 5.8 Nanobridge, which we 
established a stable ~-72 signal to GHO-North-58 from Damien's residence 
in Croydon. We picked a free IP of and throughput looks 
very good.

Anyhow, we came across some very strange routing issues which I am at a 
loss to explain.

The majority of the time, from Damien's node we cant ping most of MW 
(ie..[KKV],[KKW],[KPK] etc..) . 
We can however reliably ping our Ringwood 2.4Ghz GHO-north connected 
node on[KPQ] all the time. We are also obviously able to 
ping router interface), and .66 which I 
believe is the AP itself.

Another strange thing is which appears to be an interface 
on HVC in the same subnet as Damien's node, we can not ping from 
Damien's node at all. And when I do a traceroute from my node in Woori 
Yallock, I get different results for and

To add to all of this, sometimes, all is well and the node will work 
fine to everywhere and then after 5 mins or so, it goes stupid again!

Any ideas? I have a bunch of trace routes from when it has worked and 
when it has not, which are very interesting and puzzling at the same time.

Rob H.

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