[MLB-WIRELESS] WANTED: Intermec Open Air Wireless LAN PC Card (591224-002)

Tyson Clugg tclugg at umd.com.au
Thu Sep 16 12:00:55 EST 2010

Howdy folks,

We've come across a pre-802.11 2.4GHz wireless PCMCIA card in one of our
client's devices that has failed and needs to be replaced.  Some of you may
suggest we move our client into the 21st century and upgrade to
802.11[abgn...] - this is indeed happening in November, but we need to get
this device back online in the interim.

Has anyone got a working Intermec Open Air Wireless LAN PC Card (part number
591224-002) on hand that we can snaffle?  I've taken a couple of photos if
you're interested...

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