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I forgot to mention.

The clone phones come with a cute bit of K-Pop (Korean Pop) installed.

Here it is Enjoy :)


cheers Peter

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> On 20/12/2009 1:12 PM, peter berrett wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I am awaiting delivery of a mobile phone - a F003 Chinese Iphone knock 
>> off.
>> I am rather intrigued with these phones and woul like to unlock their
>> potential and that of course means getting Linux to run on them.
>> I have only used Ubuntu so I am by no leans a Linux expert. I know that
>> these phones run on a 200 mhz ARM-9 compatible processor and I believe
>> Lemonix can run on ARM processors.
>> Has anyone here ported a version of Linux to such a phone and any 
>> thoughts
>> on how difficult or otherwise it might be to do so?
>> The phone in question is here
>> http://cgi.ebay.com.au/P168-WIFI-TV-DUAL-SIM-Cell-phone-JAVA-F030-F035-i9-f003_W0QQitemZ260521268713QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCell_Phones?hash=item3ca84715e9
>> It seems to me that with Linux running the phone could do some cool 
>> things
>> eg run Skype. A linux blingphone!
>> Thanks Peter
> Hi Peter,
> There are a few versions of linux that do run on the ARM processor, my
> fav been Maemo, which runs on the Nokia internet tablets (n770 n800 and
> n810) and on their new phone the N900.
> I think with this iPhone knockoff, how easy it would be to port linux to
> it, as I would hazard a guess that there is little info available on
> this iPhone Knockoff.  The issue with out the hardware specs it's going
> to be rather difficult to port a distribution to the phone.
> Just looking at the device, does it even run the iPhone OS? as just
> looking at the screen, some things just look a little odd that's all.
> I'm currently playing round with development on the iPod Touch
> (basically the iPhone without a phone.) and there isn't any publically
> available hooks to be able to install your own OS.
> There are "jail broken" version of the iPhone OS around, but I don't
> think there is enough information available to be able to port linux to
> the device.
> Personally if you were looking at a "hackable" ARM/OMAP based device,
> I'd really recomend having a look at the n810 which I still think can be
> bought retail in the states and here.
> The n810 runs a version of debian, and is really quite nice. I've had a
> lot of fun hacking it.
> Take Care
> Ivy Jane Gardiner
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