[MLB-WIRELESS] Mikrotik Demo at the meeting this Friday

mw at freenet.net.au mw at freenet.net.au
Wed Dec 9 17:05:13 EST 2009

Hi Folks,

I've been meaning to do some experimentation with Mikrotik "interface
bonding" feature over wireless links but haven't really had an opportunity
to see what it can do in that context.  So I'm going to bring a bit of gear
along to the meeting this week and just have a bit of an informal
experimentation session.

I'll be using the RB600A routerboard which is a PowerPC based system with 3
gigabit Ethernet ports, and four or more R52H and/or R52N radios on each.  I
know that with a single radio running in 5GHz dual channel (turbo) mode, I
can get a udp transfer rate of close to 70 megabits.  Depending on what
effect dual radios give each other self-interference, theoretically two
bonded wireless links should be capable of 140Meg.

Can 4 bonded links produce a 280Megabit link?  I have my doubts, but it will
be interesting to see what sort of throughput we can get.

Hopefully this might be an interesting experiment, and I will be most
pleased of others would like to join in.

I'll also bring along a couple of boxes of junk (one man's junk is another
mans treasure) comprising mostly of 'seconds' of routerboards, radios, power
supplies and antennas.  Some of that stuff is true junk - returned by
customers as faulty - but some of it has been returned for exchange and got
mixed up with the junk: not getting around to testing means that I have a
box of 'lucky dip' routers that may be good or may be crap.  Even the crap
has working routerOS on it though, so is still good for experimenting with
or using as hotspot router or firewall or NAT device etc...

There are a few 2.4G panel antennas that are perfectly good, just the
element part, no casing - I've brought them for giveaway before.

And also there are some 12V 500mA USA pin format plug pack power supplies.
Some stock that I import come with these included.  I chuck them out and
substitute for AU versions, so I've got a half a box full of those things -
perfect working order if you can be bothered to bend the pins to fit our
power outlets, or if you live in USA! ;-)

All that junk will be free to a good home.  (free to any home actually) and
if nobody wants it, will be tossed into the nearest dumpmaster on the way
home! ;-)


Mike Everest.

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