[MLB-WIRELESS] New world record for wifi link (125 Miles).

Tony Langdon (ATC) tlangdon at atctraining.com.au
Wed Aug 3 10:15:22 EST 2005

> We could just use a call sign as the ssid for the higher 
> powered tests and these would probably be needed for initial 
> alignment anyway so it's not a completely frustrating exercise.

Not quite, remember each end has a different callsign (unless you have the
ability to be in 2 places at once ;) ), so using the SSID wouldn't work...

You _could_ cound one end as an unattended station (it is running a data
mode), but I'd rather keep things a bit more "kosher" for these tests.
Better PR. :)

> A question I have is about the actual link speed and what 
> qualifies for the records. Obviously timing issues will 
> seriously come into play in anything 
> like this sort of distance.

Well, we would have to be able to pass some useful traffic to the other
end...  telnet, VNC (technically, SSH only legal when used on a non amateur
system, due to encryption).
> FYI Arthurs seat if supposed to have a huge noise floor as well,
>     but access is very easy to the carpark.
> There's also olivers hill frankston or mt erin frankston to 
> consider with much lower noise. for the southern side of some 
> initial metro tests. 

I'd rather not have the paths over the metro area.  There's plenty of
anecdotal evidence of people who work in RF reporting HUGE amounts of
"noise" when they look at the 2.4 GHz band anywhere in the metro area...
One can only wonder at the amount of noise a million or so 15 mW
transmitters puts out... Hmm, that's 15 kW of RF maybe across the metro

But in any case, count me in.  I can assist any crew heading north or west,
as I have easy access to that side of town and beyond.

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