[MLB-WIRELESS] Directional antenna's - non LOS.

Jason Brice Jason.Brice at kiandra.com
Wed Feb 12 11:43:19 EST 2003

Can MW put together a crack squad of volunteer technicians (2 or 3?) that would be prepared to visit interested parties, bring along some equipment and test connections like this for people?

It would be great for people starting up to have their proposed link tested and as a result know exactly what equipment they need (or can get away with) before they begin the often expensive task of purchase and trial and error and purchase etc.

It might also give some bored people something to do on weekends..
we could get a official MW van with a siren and lights and everything. ;)

jason brice
senior network engineer
kiandra system solutions
level 9, 455 bourke st melbourne vic 3000
(t) +61 3 9600 1639
(f) +61 3 9600 1656

I think that's what we may have to do.  We have no gear at either location. Does anyone know of anywhere that we could hire/borrow the required equipment?


[ lucas ]

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