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Best thing to do is contact D-Link technical support. (support at dlink.com.au or
1300 766 868).

Our phone system is going through some changes at the moment so I have copied
one of the guys on this email and you should expect an answer soon.


"rabbit" <datec01 at optushome.com.au> on 06/02/2003 07:26:52 PM

 To:      melbwireless at wireless.org.au                        
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 Subject: [MLB-WIRELESS] DLink 900AP Woes                     

Has anybody had troubles setting up a 900AP. I'm running Win2k on a Amd1800+ and
for some reason I cannot load the required USB driver, Win2k isn't interested in
touching the supplied driver (briddfu.inf) on the CD and tries to load (usb.inf)
from the inf folder in c:\window

If I try to run the DLink - USB config program via the start menu it tells me
that the DFU driver hasn't been loaded yet.

I've tried downloading drivers from MS, Dlink, Gigabyte, sacrificed two chickens
and slapped fish together over my computer while chanting MS is evil backwards.
nothing helps.

What am I doing!!!!!!!

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