[MLB-WIRELESS] ssid naming conventions

Simon Butcher pickle at alien.net.au
Thu Feb 6 17:45:13 EST 2003

Hi :)
If you have a public access point which anyone can access, it makes a
hell of a lot more sense to continue using simply 'wireless.org.au'
(look at http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/wiki/?RFC). However, for point
to point links, it makes more sense to have
to-from.melb.wireless.org.au, or something similar (eg.
Public access points with the same SSID aid roaming, too.
I personally don't see any sense about joining a network with an ID of
'nodeFSO.wireless.org.au', for example, when your node isn't FSO.
At this stage, I suppose nobody really cares for standardising the
structure of the network, which could be a bad thing..
 - Simon
  Sorry for the top-post - outlook can be a pain sometimes..
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Melbourne Wireless.
I have had a thought and might be a decent one. 
In regards to locfinder and ap's ssids, I believe it might be a good
idea to have some sort of naming conventions in regards to them. Makes
it a bit easier when stumbling for MW nodes, and would look a bit
Something like  : nodeXXX.wireless.org.au or nodeXXX.melbwireless.org.au
where XXX is your short node name, i.e mine is FSO :-)
Like to here some thoughts regarding it. 
Matthew Hill
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