[MLB-WIRELESS] Wireless installfest/field day - November 23, 2002

sanbar barry at ozemail.com.au
Tue Oct 8 15:11:57 EST 2002

Wireless installfest/field day - November 23, 2002 

Melbourne Wireless will host its first wireless installfest and antenna field 
day at Strathcona Baptist Grammar School, Camberwell, on Saturday, November 
The day will be an opportunity for anyone who is having issues with wireless 
installs to come along and use the pooled resources of Melbourne Wireless 
(and LUV if it's an open-source OS) to build a working access point under any 
operating system. 
The day will also be an opportunity for people to build and test antennas and 
cantennas, attempt a basic mesh, and stream voice and data services. 

At this stage, we need: 

* Volunteers to help set up the rooms on the morning of the event. 
* A fixed-line server for mirroring ISOs, packages and drivers. (We will run a 
cat5 link to LUV's server upstairs from the wireless room.) 
* A wireless access point to ping. 
* Windows/Linux/FreeBSD volunteers to assist with installs. 

If anyone can help with any of these can they e-mail me? 
More details as they are worked out. 


barry park
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http://wireless.org.au/ ||| melbourne wireless node bca
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