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interesting read........

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> Wave Wireless Networking is now shipping the SPEEDLAN 9000 Product -
Solving Line-of-Sight Obstacles
> · Expand Your Current Wireless Network Coverage
> · Campus, Business Park, and Residential Applications
> · SPEEDViewT Windows-based tool - Troubleshoot network problems
> · AES Encryption - Trusted data security
> · Self-Healing Mesh Technology Proven by the United States military
> The SPEEDLAN 9000 Series is a 2.4 GHz 11 Mb/s Wireless Mesh Ethernet
> Solution. The Speedlan 9101 is a router that provides a standalone network
solution and can be used to enhance penetration in networks constructed with
Speedlan 8000 or any kind of base station radio from any wireless vendor.
The 9000 Creates the Redundancy in between its network and is a Non Line of
sight Radio to the base station. Another Great Function of the 9000 is that
it can be used to extend any network using other wireless vendor products.
This product is only available in Outdoor Mount and has an omni antenna
> Wave Wireless Networking, a division of SPEEDCOM Wireless Corporation, is
a multi-national wireless broadband solutions company based in Sarasota,
Florida USA. Its products range from 11 Mbps to 155 Mbps and are offered in
point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations. We also provide a
complete selection of wireless turnkey services ranging from site surveys
and installation plans, to project management and training. Service
providers (ISPs, CLECs, LECs), Telco operators and private organizations in
more than 60 countries use our solutions to provide "backbone" and/or
"last-mile" wireless connectivity over distances of 25 miles or more. Since
1998, all products and services have been ISO 9001-compliant.
> Please let me know if you are interested in our products and if I or a
local representative/distributor can provide you with our product
> information.....  We may have a distributor or sales representative in
your area that you can work with locally.
> Thank you,
> Kristen Nadai
> International Sales
> Wave Wireless Networking
> 941-358-9283 ext.316
> kristen at wavewireless.com

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