[MLB-WIRELESS] [proposal] IP allocation (was: DNS, DHCP, static ip... )

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Wed Nov 21 18:45:53 EST 2001

> the following is roughly based on the SeattleWireless scheme, but
> altered somewhat to cope with more geographical area, and an absence of
> top-down structuring, since i think that is silly at this time.

Looks fine to me, except possibly for the selection of 10.0.x.x as the
range: I'd prefer something slightly more obscure, like 10.5.x.x or
whatever, because I already have 10.0.0.x used on a network I'd like to
connect. I suspect a lot of private LANs would start at and work up.

I know the IP range issue has been hashed over before, just thought I'd put
my 2c in.

Jonathan Oxer
Internet Vision Technologies

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