[MLB-WIRELESS] Effective Networking

Jason Hecker jason at air.net.au
Wed Nov 7 16:25:52 EST 2001


Has any thought been given to getting a wireless network set up in such a 
way so that it's smart enough to forward route packets between systems that 
aren't adjacent to each other?  I am looking into RIPv2 (RFC2453) and GNU 
Zebra for this sort of thing.  What I was thinking was that anyone who 
wanted to get into this wireless networking gumph would have a *nix box 
configured with Zebra and so their box would route packets on behalf of 
machines that weren't connected directly.  I think RIPv2 can dynamically 
update routing information between routers so the network would be self 
configuring for routes.  This would make the network more effective and 
less reliant on central nodes on towers and buildings, which everyone may 
not have line of sight to.

Any thoughts?


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