[MLB-WIRELESS] True 802.11b PCI card with 2 Antenna Connectors

Andrew Gibson andrewg at hitec.com.au
Tue Nov 6 15:56:44 EST 2001

Hello All

Thought the following may be interest to all in the group.


The above link shows some new product we are currently testing. The one of 
most interest would be the PCI product. The PCI card unlike many others is 
a true PCI card not a PCMCIA reader & PCMCIA card. The card has two antenna 
connections and will support two antenna connections.

Latest Linux (www.linux-wlan.com) drivers have support for the card using 
the prism2_pci module.

The PCI card requires PCI 2.2 and may not work on low end machines unless 
it supports this standard.

More detailed specs and images at the above site.


Andrew Gibson
HiTec Pty Ltd
andrewg at hitec.com.au
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