Bryan Pliatsios bryanp at netspace.net.au
Thu Oct 26 19:21:08 EST 2006

I bought a couple of used minitar APs (with weatherproof boxes and  
19dB Grids)... but I can't get the damn antenna cables off the APs to  
move each of them into new enclosures.

I did manage to separate the coax from the AP, so I now have the  
Antenna plug screwed to the outer threaded part of the AP's socket,  
but not attached to the AP (if that makes sense). Don't worry, they  
appear to be manufactured this way and I'm sure I haven't done any  
permanent damage.

I've tried pliers and such, with no luck. The were well protected  
while in the air so it's not a corrosion problem, but I need other  
suggestions on separating them.


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