[MLB-WIRELESS] 2.4GHz scanner project

Zik Saleeba zik at zikzak.net
Sat Oct 21 12:39:15 EST 2006

Great project Jason!

I think I might adapt it for use as an EIRP meter. Do you know if the
RSSI has enough dynamic range to indicate dangerous levels of
radiation? Maybe with an attenuator?


On 10/20/06, Jason Hecker <jhecker at wireless.org.au> wrote:
> It's about time.
> I have hacked up new project to scan the 2.4GHz band.
> Beware, it involves a soldering iron.
> http://www.wireless.org.au/~jhecker/specan/
> I've still got a bit more work to do, such as collecting more examples of
> 2.4GHz transmissions.
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