[MLB-WIRELESS] GPS Co-ordinates

Tom Fifield gummay at gummay.net
Mon Oct 9 22:13:54 EST 2006

All the information you need is already on the website, if one would 
just read the FAQs :)

Manual instructions are at: 
Links to automatic convertor things are at: 


Tom Fifield
MW WebDev Team

Daryl Knight wrote:
>> Or just do it on paper!!!!!
>> 37+(55/60)+(22.2/3600)
>> 145+(6/60)+(41.4/3600)
>> easy peasy
> How about putting the formula on the web page with the node creation/edit
> page with the gps co-ordinates? You're right its easy peasy, but only if you
> know, or remember from High School, to long ago... how many minutes and
> seconds there are :)
> Anon, Me...
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