[kernel-xen] Xen Security Advisory 114

Glenn Enright glenn at rimuhosting.com
Tue Dec 9 17:20:27 AEDT 2014

Steven is this patched in the latest release? Seems like a pretty 
important issue to address. And I'm not seeing a new release in your 
repos in the last few days.

[Xen-announce] Xen Security Advisory 114 (CVE-2014-9065, CVE-2014-9066) 
- p2m lock starvation

I'm a bit confused how such an apparently serious issue is not being 
directly fixed in any of the stable branches. And information about the 
actual issue and CVE links seem a bit thin (eg CVEs are still hidden?).

Did someone jump the gun on posting that?

Regards, Glenn

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